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Marianne Balogh

Owner, Style by Marianne

Sewing is still in vogue! Through social media and apps like Etsy and Pinterest, more people are being drawn into sewing for the first time, or returning back to the art.

Sewing has been my passion for a long time, dating back to elementary school. I started by sewing doll clothes, then moved on to sewing clothes for myself in middle school, and in high school enrolled in an intensive Commercial Sewing vocation class. 

Through the years, I have built upon that background and have owned my business, Style by Marianne, since 1991. I've sewn clothes for my children, my family, and even an outfit for U.S. Olympic Ice Dancer and Gold Medalist Charlie White, for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I look forward to helping you expand your sewing skills.


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