Learn to Sew with Style by Marianne

Custom sewing classes for youth and adults in Oakland County, Michigan


Bring Your Custom Sewing Designs to Life

Whether you’re brand new to sewing and want to learn useful and fun skills, or experienced and looking for new inspiration and advanced techniques, find your passion for sewing with Style by Marianne.

Take advantage of flexible class schedules and the ability to customize your own projects, which the large-name fabric stores don't offer! Small, focused class sizes allow individualized attention at each step of the way to accomplish your project.


See What Students Are Saying


Mary Ruth

"I really enjoy sewing in Mrs. Balogh's class. I have learned a lot the 3 years I have been sewing with her. I have made a jean jacket out of old jeans, a pioneer dress, and a lot of other challenging stuff with a little bit of help. I really have fun during her classes! You can learn so much!"



"I have been taking instruction from Marianne for a few years now. She is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and explains it so you can learn new techniques. She is very flexible in allowing her students to pick any project they are interested in making. I would highly recommend taking sewing classes with her."



"I have been sewing with Marianne for over one year now. Marianne has made my experience as a sewing student exceptional. I came into the class with a very minimal skill level. I have now completed 2 jackets and a homecoming dress. The sewing environment is very comfortable and filled with encouragement. Marianne wants to see you succeed and is very proud to see the hard work you put into your projects. Overall, the sewing environment is a place for creativity to flourish and for learning to sew to be a fun and happy experience."



"I started with Marianne with little to no knowledge about sewing. However, she is such a patient, hands-on and overall great teacher, I have learned quite a lot in the few months she has been teaching me. Every class I walk away having learned something new."